Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine, proven effective for thousands of years. It is still the most widely practiced herbal tradition in the world. It can be used alone or in combination to acupuncture to address symptoms.

Chinese herbs can be used to alleviate certain symptoms, to clear imbalances from the body and to promote longevity. Chinese herbal medicine provides relief from many illnesses through chemical interactions within the body. Each herbal interaction also creates a resonance in the individual which can remind the body of how to function in balance and to naturally heal. Each individual receives a specific formula based on their needs to help them reach their health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are herbs prescribed?

Chinese herbs are very rarely prescribed as individual herbs and are instead in a formula. The interaction of the individual herbs in a formula allows for enhanced effectiveness and reduced side effects. Herbal formulas are ordered from trusted reliable distributers to ensure safety and quality.

How do I take my herbs?

Herbal formulas can be prescribed in raw form, granulated powders, encapsulations or tinctures. When raw herbs are prescribed, the client will cook the herbs at home into a tea. Each client is given detailed directions about dosage and how to prepare your herbs.

What happens during a herbal consultation?

During your first herbal consultation, your practitioner will ask about your health history and your personal health goals that you would like addressed. Your practitioner will look at your tongue and feel your pulse to determine a Chinese medical diagnosis. The cracks, color, coating and shape of the tongue is a map of the body and can help assist in treatment planning. The pulse on the wrist shows the qi movement of the twelve meridians of the body. Just like acupuncture, your practitioner is addressing where there may be an imbalance of qi or a blockage.

Once a Chinese medical diagnosis has been reached, a Chinese herbal formula will be prescribed. The herbal formula will be ordered from a distributer and will be shipped to your house in 3-5 days. The online pharmacy primarily used is Kamwo herbal pharmacy. The cost of herbs is directly through the pharmacy.

Your practitioner will give you specific instructions about dosage and preparation of each formula. It is important to take note of what has changed and not changed during the process of taking your herbs so that modifications can be made in the future.

How often should I come?

It is recommended that you come every 2 weeks for the first two treatments to ensure that the formula is the right one for you. During these first treatments, you will work with your practitioner to determine if there are any side-effects or modifications you need. Treatments can be spaced out to monthly sessions once the appropriate formula has been given.

Are there any side effects with Chinese Herbs?

Side effects are very rare with Chinese Herbs. Since herbal formulas are used instead of individual herbs, this allows for herbal combinations that are balanced and effective with less side effects. Occasionally, there may be mild digestive upset that can be resolved by lessening the dose. Please contact your practitioner if you have any other side effects.

What if I am on medications?

It is important to let your practitioner know about every medication you are taking. Your practitioner has been trained to determine herb and medication interactions to ensure safety. It is also important to take your Chinese herbs and medications at least 2 hours apart to ensure that they are not combined in the gut.

What happens if I run out of herbs before I see you?

It is important to keep taking your herbs continuously and to avoid missing doses for maximum results. If you notice that you are starting to get low on your formula, let your practitioner know at least 3 days advance so that they can refill your order.

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