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The Seasons and Chinese Medicine

How the seasons can bring balance to your life

According to Chinese Medicine, optimum health comes from being in sync with the seasons. What is occurring outside our windows is resonating within our bodies. As the seasons shift, different meridians become active causing changes in mood and spirit. The important thing to keep in mind during these transitions is the importance of harmonizing our bodies with the season to help us stay balanced and healthy.

In Chinese Medicine, the season of fall corresponds with the emotion of letting go. Just as the leaves are falling, and the weather is cooling down, the environment is reflecting a sense of letting go to prepare for winter. It is important for us to start letting go of the things which do not serve us. The fall season is time to prepare for the stillness of winter. This is the time to reflect. What is serving you in your life right now? What is going well for you? What can you change and let go for the upcoming year? This is the time to reflect and harvest your thoughts.

As winter begins its approach it is advisable to begin slowing down and to listen what the season is offering us. Go to local farms/farmer's markets to get a better idea of what is in season in your area. We must prepare our bodies for the winter season by eating foods that are warm and nourishing. Choose to eat foods of the harvest. These include apples, pears, squash and root vegetables. This is the time to prepare for the cold. Introducing more soups, bone broths, fresh meat and root vegetables to our diet will give us more energy and keep us warm throughout the winter. Winter is about deep introspection about who we are. This is the season to connect inward to reflect on our sense of identity.

Spring is the season for new beginnings. Just as the flowers begin to bloom, nature is consisting changing. This is the time your body begins to wake up from the stillness of winter. This is the time to begin new activities and spend time outside. The more active we are during this time, the better. Just as there is a lot of activity occurring outside our windows, it is important to mimic that through increased physical activity. The emotions we tend to feel during this time can include anger or frustration; however this is from the upward movement occurring in nature, the pop of spring. Sometimes this upward movement of nature can cause increased headaches. It is important to be mindful that this is related to the season. Anger and frustration during this time can be sign of unhappiness and change that needs to occur. This is the time to change and move forward with plans and use your creativity. Are you happy with your career? Do you accept who you are? How do you express yourself?

As the heat approaches, nature begins to settle. During spring there was a continual increase in the blooming of all vegetation. Summer brings a sense of comfort and ease. Summer is the brightest season and resonates with the Heart organ. This is the time to spend with friends and family outside. Summer is about strengthening the connection with others and living the joy of life. It is also important to connect with your own heart and listen to what is important to be fulfilled and happy. How is your relationship with your friends? How is your intimate relationship with your partner? Can you open your heart to others? Can you love? Increased intake in fruits and vegetables of the season such as blueberry's, strawberry's, corn, peaches, and watermelon can bring resonance with this season.

The more time we spend outside, observing how nature is changing, the easier it becomes to visualize how our bodies are reacting to the change in seasons. Do we need to slow down? Does our body crave the foods of the season? What is most important to us? The more we mimic nature, the more our bodies will reach a peaceful and healthy state.


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